Residential Shopping

We employ a team of full-time shoppers and errand runners reserved exclusively for owners of homes we manage and rental program guests. With daily trips to Bozeman and Big Sky, we shop for everything you need and deliver it prior to your arrival or while you’re out enjoying the slopes.

We also maintain a large on-site inventory of frequently requested items, including:

Over-the-counter medications
Small appliances
Baby products
Chargers, batteries and adapters
Pet products

Residential Shopping Fee Structure

Shopping Location

Over 24hr Notice

Same Day*

*(After 3PM Day Before Delivery)
On Property
No Additional Fees
No Additional Fees
Big Sky / Bozeman
Cost of Grocery + 35%
$100 Fee + 35%

Residential Shopping Services Terms, Conditions & Details

We are constantly seeking out the best producers and distributors in our area to fulfill the growing demand for more local, regional, and environmentally responsible products. Due to our unique and isolated location, limited distribution and other factors may contribute to item substitutions and longer delivery times, particularly during our peak season. Sufficient notice (over 48 hrs), particularly for specialty items or large lists, helps to reduce product substitutions, delayed delivery and brand discrepancies.

Orders 24+ hours in advance of stay:
Will be purchased and delivered to the home prior to arrival.

Same-day orders:
Accepted until delivery capacity is reached.

Shopping service deliveries will be:
Placed in the home, accommodating items requiring refrigeration or freezing, if the residence is vacant. Email confirmation of delivery can be offered by request.


Delivered to the front door or garage entry if the member or guest is currently home.


How do I submit shopping requests?
To provide streamlined and courteous service to all YC members we are exclusively processing Grocery Orders via our online platform. Please feel free to reach out with any questions regarding this process or special order items.

How can I avoid Same-Day Fees?
Sending lists more than 24 hours in advance helps to coordinate the ordering, shopping and delivery process as effectively as possible. Day-before submissions must be submitted before 3PM to avoid fees.

Does Same-Day Pricing change the price of my individual items?
No, same-day fees are only applied one time per list, additional receipts for the same list will only include the 35% fee.

May I add items to my original list without incurring additional fees?
Items added to an original list, prior to them being shopped for, will not incur any extra fees or same-day charges.If list has already been shopped for, additional same-day requested items will incur same-day charge.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding Shopping Program policies and procedures please reach out to our Residential Services Purchasing Manager at our service email.

Everything you need.
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